V-Mount Batteries
Li-ion rechargeable 14.4 volt
V-MOUNT batteries in 50 and 80 watt-hour capacities. Very light-weight, featuring optional "gas gauge" capacity indication.

Photo shows VL-4 AMS charger, with E-50 and E-80 batteries mounted for charging, 136 watt-hour ACCUMULATOR battery and controls in pouch, with 30-watt solar panel in background. Call for more details, pricing and delivery.

and only from
Automated Media Systems

A charger for these batteries that runs directly from 11-16 volts DC, solar power, vehicles, etc.

Who's Using Expedition Batteries?

National Geographic
John Spoerer of National Geographic used Expo batteries on several projects, including; "Croc Chronicles", "Russian Smoke Jumpers", and "Out There".

Rob Meyer of Nova used a custom built solar system with a whopping big 1500 watt inverter!
The team went on location in Tibet filming a documentary on Tibetan Art.

Lucien Taylor, University of Colorado at Boulder did a documentary about fourth generation Norwegian Sheepherders. He used one of our solar systems.

60 Minutes Television, Australia.
Ben Crane used Expo batteries and a solar system on two projects; a documentary on migrating herds of caribou and in Afghanistan.



Professional Lavalier Microphone for the DVC Camcorder
We now offer a hardwired microphone for attachment to the subject. This is a vast improvement from the camera microphone. In Audio, mic location is key to good sound. The camera is never the best place for the mic.

Solar Powering for Film and Video
Our experience over several years with solar charger applications for IMAX and Nova crews have resulted in the creation of a photovoltaic solar electric power system, perfect for recharging film and video batteries and powering basecamp equipment in remote environments. Three basic models ranging in size from backpack to permanent basecamp are available for sale or rental. The 12 volt standard is compatible with common auto, boat, and RV products.

Expedition Batteries®
Expedition Batteries boldly go where others fail: in bitter cold and harsh conditions, when you're miles from a wall socket, when you just can't be bothered with re-chargeables. Pound for pound, SO2 lithium-powered Expedition Batteries provide eight times the energy of NiCads. Compact, lightweight and disposable, Expedition Batteries increase mobility and power everything from ARRI cameras to satellite phones.


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